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  • Relax

Relax Unwind and feel the peace


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Is there anything more relaxing than waking up to a scene of waves? This beachfront resort is an oasis where you can unwind and soak up the peace of the surroundings. The IBEROSTAR Santa Eulalia is the light of Ibiza in the form of a hotel.

  • Massage


    Can you think of something more relaxing than waking up to a view of ocean waves? In this beachfront accommodation oasis you can be in contact with the peaceful surroundings and get away from it all. The IBEROSTAR Santa Eulalia Hotel brings the light of Ibiza to you.

    Slow down and get your day off to some Pilates as you soak up the Mediterranean, or take a long walk by the sea. Then treat yourself to a massage, alone or with your partner, in one of our booths.

  • <p>Peace by the sea</p>

    Peace by the sea

    Try the food prepared at the SeaSoul Beach Club & Restaurant, right on the pier. Then let the sea lull you to sleep or be the soundtrack to your reading as you lie on a lounger or Balinese bed.

    Take a splash in the hotel swimming pool or go to one of the nearby coves along the shoreline connecting to Santa Eulària des Riu or to Es Canar: Cala Martina, Cala Pada, Es Pouet…

  • Rest and dreams

    Rest and dreams

    You can also unwind in your rooms. All the rooms feature terraces where you can feel the breeze from the sea brush past you. The floor-to-ceiling windows let the sunshine in, so that you can refill your power reserves. You can always draw the curtains if you need to rest in the dark. Pick a room affording views of the sea if you want to stare at the Mediterranean while in bed or as you take a rain shower (all rooms are fitted with one).

    The Mediterranean at its best is waiting for you at the IBEROSTAR Santa Eulalia Hotel. Everything you need to find peace of mind.

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